#32 Herbal Medicine: A Natural Alternative to HRT with Melinda McDougall

November 30, 2022 Polly Warren Episode 32
#32 Herbal Medicine: A Natural Alternative to HRT with Melinda McDougall
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Show Notes

Most of us have heard about certain herbs which can help with menopause symptoms and many of them can be bought over the counter but it can be a bit of minefield.  Do they actually work?  Which ones are the most helpful? And do they actually contain what they say they do on the label? 

So I was super excited to chat to this week's guest, Melinda McDougall, a registered Medical Herbalist who is passionate about helping women have a healthy, happy menopause.  

Her holistic approach is a fantastic alternative to HRT, although she can also help women who are taking HRT.

Melinda holds a Master of Science degree in herbal medicine and specialises in women’s health.  She has analysed hundreds of research papers on herbal medicine and menopause to find out what really works and uses that knowledge in her busy clinic to help women find natural solutions to their health problems. 

Join us in this conversation where we discuss:

🎙️ What herbal medicine is
🎙️ The role of herbal medicine in western medicine  
🎙️ The most common symptoms Melinda sees in her clinic
🎙️ How Melinda treats women suffering with menopause symptoms 
🎙️ The key herbs she uses to treat symptoms 
🎙️ The main reasons we experience such a range of different symptoms
🎙️The impact of stress on menopause 
🎙️ The importance of balancing blood sugar and what you can do about it.
🎙️Melinda's thoughts on over the counter herbs
🎙️The effectiveness of herbal teas 
🎙️ The positive effects of nature on our health

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