#12 The Power of Mindset at Perimenopause

July 20, 2022 Polly Warren Episode 12
#12 The Power of Mindset at Perimenopause
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Show Notes

Today's episode is a solo episode where I talk about personal growth and things which are a little bit woo woo!

During my journey through perimenopause, I've become completely obsessed with all things to do with personal growth, with energy and with mindset and I want to share it with you because it has helped me feel more confident, more fulfilled and generally so much happier.

Basically, it’s all about feeling good and that’s all that we want, right, particularly during midlife because not only do we have the physical and emotional changes happening in our bodies but so many of us are pulled in every direction and can feel completely frazzled and worn down by life.  

I truly believe that we are here on this earth to get the most out of life.  It’s not about simply surviving life but thriving to be our best selves and to enjoy the ride along the way.  And what I've realised is that it's totally up to us how much we enjoy the ride.  We have the ability to choose the direction our lives take, all we need to do is harness the power of our mindset! 

In this episode I talk about:

  • How we shouldn't settle for a half life
  • How to deal with the challenges of life and still feel good inside
  • How the power of our thoughts can change the course of our life
  • How the only thing you can truly control in life is you
  • How I've woken up to my spiritual side
  • How self awareness is everything
  • How we can take control of our subconscious mind
  • Simple actions to take to feeling good everyday


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