#15 How perimenopause nearly ended my marriage and my life with Hillary Baggett

August 10, 2022 Polly Warren Episode 15
#15 How perimenopause nearly ended my marriage and my life with Hillary Baggett
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Show Notes

This week I chat to Hillary Baggett who in late 2020, after the lowest of lows and midlife hormonal fluctuations,  nearly ended both her marriage and her life.  

Thankfully she sought professional help but soon discovered she needed a total hysterectomy and 4-way reconstructive surgery which sent her into full blown menopause.

While on the path to recovery, Hillary realised there are millions of other women who also need a place to feel safe and supported.   Now, Hillary has started her own business and podcast which brings women together for support and collaborations.   She helps women have vital conversations about this midlife transition and the relationship and identity challenges that come with it.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • How perimenopause caused Hillary to nearly take her own life
  • The importance of finding the right support for you
  • Finding your voice so that you can speak up for yourself
  • How a hysterectomy sent Hillary into full blown menopause
  • How hormone replacement as well as diet and lifestyle changes were essential to get her back on track
  • How investing in coaches and therapists were a key part of her recovery 
  • How acknowledging and thanking our bodies during perimenopause can help us move onto the next stage of our lives
  • How menopause was the catalyst for Hillary to find her true purpose and start her own business
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