The Positive Perimenopause Podcast

#16 Menopause Yoga with Petra Coveney

August 17, 2022 Polly Warren Episode 16
The Positive Perimenopause Podcast
#16 Menopause Yoga with Petra Coveney
Show Notes

This week I chat to Petra Coveney, the founder of Menopause Yoga - the UK's first specialist style of yoga to support women going through menopause.

After feeling let down by the support offered to her during her menopause experience, Petra felt called to find a way not only to manage her own menopause but to help others through theirs too.

Petra became a member of the British Menopause Society, a senior yoga teacher and trainer and developed Menopause Yoga to meet the physical and emotional needs of women going through menopause.

Due to the demand from women and yoga teachers, she then launched the world's first Menopause Yoga Teacher Training Course at Dr Louis Newson's Menopause Centre.  The course is now fully accredited by the UK's main governing bodies the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals and is taught all over the world.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Petra's own menopause journey
  • What inspired her to develop Menopause Yoga
  • Combining western medical science with eastern Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • How yoga, breathwork and meditation can support women to transition positively through menopause
  • What you can expect from a Menopause Yoga session
  • How to reduce stress levels and change your perception of menopause
  • Why it's important to educate women about the menopause, to feel empowered and embrace post menopause

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