The Positive Perimenopause Podcast

#20 Navigating Relationships at Midlife with Sarah Woodward

September 14, 2022 Polly Warren Episode 20
The Positive Perimenopause Podcast
#20 Navigating Relationships at Midlife with Sarah Woodward
The Positive Perimenopause Podcast
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Show Notes

Sadly, it didn't surprise me when I discovered that divorce rates peak for couples in their late forties.

There are of course a myriad of reasons why couples separate or divorce in midlife but often menopause can act as a catalyst, exposing and magnifying existing cracks in a relationship.

But could some of these divorces or break ups be prevented if there was more awareness as to how menopause symptoms can impact relationships?

Well, this week I chat to multi award-winning Divorce Coach Sarah Woodward to find out.

Sarah herself was once broken by divorce, wasting years devastated, in therapy, with chronic depression, grieving and truly lost.

Thankfully, after a number of years she's  managed to find a way to embrace the change in her life and to start to build new relationships.

She now uses her training and experience to help others move on with their lives and leave behind their heartbreak to find happiness again.

Sarah is also one of the first Accredited Breakup and Divorce Coach Practitioners in the UK and has been awarded the Most Influential Woman in divorce coaching by the Influential Businesswomen Awards in 2020.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Why divorce rates peak for couples in midlife
  • The impact that  peri/menopause has on relationships
  • What couples can do to try and save relationships and their marriage
  • What to do if a marriage is beyond saving
  • Sarah's own menopause experience
  • How the small actions you take each day make a positive difference 

Sarah shares some great tips and advice!

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