The Positive Perimenopause Podcast

#37 Creating The Life YOU Want with Dr Lisa Petty

January 18, 2023 Polly Warren Episode 37
The Positive Perimenopause Podcast
#37 Creating The Life YOU Want with Dr Lisa Petty
The Positive Perimenopause Podcast
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Show Notes

Midlife is a busy time for so many of us.  We are the masters of the juggle of life!  Family, relationships, kids, careers - it's a lot!  Yet women have fought hard to 'have it all' but often having it all leaves us feeling exhausted and depleted.

Let's not forget also that midlife is a time of change: our bodies, our relationships, kids leave home etc.  And so much change can often leave us questioning our identity and our reason for being here. 

 So I was excited to talk to my guest this week Dr Lisa Petty.

During Lisa's own midlife journey, she completed a PhD that centred on the well-being of women at midlife.  Her research clearly showed that we’ve bought into the messaging that we believe we can have it all.  But Instead of feeling empowered and autonomous, she found so many women often feel overwhelmed, confused and resentful.

After hundreds of interviews, countless hours of conversations,  coaching countless women through their confusion and her own personal midlife journey,  Lisa formulated a simple, step-by-step strategy that helps women figure out who they are now, what’s next for them and how to take the important first steps in creating the life they want.

All of which we discuss in this episode including:

🎙️Why we start to question our place in the world at midlife and how midlife is a redefining moment
🎙️How 'having it all' at midlife comes with a lot of 'doing' at the detriment of 'being'
🎙️Why the 'meh' feeling at midlife is pretty common
🎙️How to start prioritising yourself
🎙️The importance of knowing what you want
🎙️What mindful connection is and how it can help you connect with who you really are
🎙️How to start 'being' rather than 'doing'
🎙️What our Reticular Activating System (RAS) is and how it can hold you back from making changes in your life

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