#72 Homeopathy For Menopause with Caroline Gaskin

September 26, 2023
#72 Homeopathy For Menopause with Caroline Gaskin
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Show Notes

Caroline Gaskin, one of the UK’s leading Homeopaths and Flower Essence prescribers, joins me on the podcast this week to discuss how homeopathy can effectively treat peri/menopause symptoms.

 With over 20 years’ of experience, Caroline, who is also a Holistic Health Coach  specialising in hormonal health, sees over and over again how transformational homeopathy can be for women going through menopause.

 Join us in this conversation where we chat about:

 🌟 What homeopathy is and how it works
🌟   What homeopathic remedies are
🌟  How homeopathy can address emotional challenges during menopause
🌟   What to expect from a homeopathy appointment
🌟   Misconceptions about homeopathy

To find out more about Caroline:

you tube: Caroline Gaskin Natural Health
instagram: the_menopause_homeopath

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Find out about Caroline's book ‘Bird Is The Word’
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