#76 Cycle of Change: Understanding Menopause with Emma Lazenby

October 24, 2023 Polly Warren Episode 76
#76 Cycle of Change: Understanding Menopause with Emma Lazenby
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Show Notes

Menopause will affect half of the population, though so many of us are unprepared and don’t know what to expect, it’s not just hot flushes!

Let's not forget, menopause can indirectly affect the other half of the population too: partners, family, friends and colleagues so how we talk about menopause has to change.

And this is why this week's guest, BAFTA winning animator and director of ForMed Films, Emma Lazenby, embarked on a mission to use animation to educate people about the early stages of menopause (perimenopause) and created her new film  "Cycle of Change."

She did this in collaboration with  long-time campaigner for education around menopause,  Diane Danzebrink, and Nurse specialist Hazel Hayden.

Extensive research, including surveys, workshops, and in-depth interviews with women at various stages of menopause has been condensed into the 5 minute film! 

I loved this conversation and I think you will too!

Tune in to discover:

🌼 How Emma's experience in animation lead her to create animated films for health education
🌼 Why Emma wanted to make Cycle of change
🌼 The importance of telling real-life stories in people's own voices
🌼 The key takeaways she learnt during her research for the film
🌼 How Emma's own experience of menopause coincided with the making of the film
🌼 The unique advantages that animation offers in conveying medical and health-related information

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