#80 Transforming Lives of Migraine Sufferers with Diane Ducarme

November 21, 2023 Polly Warren Episode 80
#80 Transforming Lives of Migraine Sufferers with Diane Ducarme
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Show Notes

Migraines are often dismissed as mere "bad headaches," but they are far more than that. This debilitating condition affects over 1 billion people worldwide, with women being three to four times more likely to experience them than men. 

Despite the vast number of people affected, migraines remain shrouded in mystery and often fall outside the scope of traditional Western medicine.

Enter Diane Ducarme, the Founder and CEO of Nectar Health, a beacon of hope for migraine sufferers.   With an impressive background in Engineering and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Diane uses this experience along with  Traditional Chinese Medicine, to bring a unique and holistic approach to understanding and managing migraines for women. 

Diane can also speak 7 languages, one of which is Mandarin. Her 8th language is probably "Migraines"!

I had the privilege of chatting with Diane this week and learnt so much including:  

⭐ Debunking the common misconception that migraines are simply bad headaches
⭐ Exploring the genetic predisposition and associated symptoms of migraines
⭐ Delving into the root causes of migraines
⭐ The impact of hormonal changes during perimenopause on migraine triggers and management   
⭐ Diane’s innovative approach to migraine treatment and management
⭐ Shifting our perspective on migraines
⭐ The use of technology to personalize treatment plans for individuals with migraines
⭐ The complexity of treating migraines and the challenges faced by migraine sufferers
⭐  The limitations of Western medicine in treating women with migraines
⭐ Changing the dialogue around migraines

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