#82 Living In Sync With Your Cycle With Olivia Heine

December 05, 2023 Episode 82
#82 Living In Sync With Your Cycle With Olivia Heine
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Show Notes

Did you know that men have a hormonal cycle that lasts 24-hours whereas women's hormonal cycles last approximately 28 days?

This biological difference is often overlooked, yet it has a profound impact on how we experience work, stress and success.

Women's bodies are designed to ebb and flow in sync with their cycles. This cyclical nature is not a weakness; it's a source of strength and resilience. Yet, in a society that glorifies hustle and busyness, we often ignore our bodies' natural rhythms, leading to burnout and exhaustion.

Imagine a world where success aligns with your natural rhythms, where rest isn't a luxury but a powerful tool for growth. This is the vision of Olivia Heine, an NLP & Sacred Success Coach who is revolutionizing the way women approach productivity and success.

Olivia's method, "Working Like a Womb-an," is based on the idea that women can achieve remarkable success by honoring their cyclical nature.

Her approach is grounded in ancient wisdom and modern techniques, and it is tailored to each woman's unique rhythms and well-being.

There is so much juiciness in this episode including:

🎙️How external expectations contribute to burnout
🎙️How Olivia transformed burnout into a thriving business
🎙️ The symptoms of not working in sync with your natural rhythms
🎙️ The four main phases of a 28-day cycle and how to harness their power
🎙️The power of  the 'Show, don't tell' approach
🎙️The importance of using the rhythm of rest to create a consistent flow in your life
🎙️How to navigate cyclical living even without a monthly cycle 

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